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Discipline as Backbone of Army

December 25,2020

Discipline is one the most important personality traits in everyone’s life. It refers to a set of rules and regulations which are to be followed while doing any task or activity. Discipline is important in every one’s life as it sets orderliness, efficiency, punctuality, organization and focus in what we do. Life without discipline is just like a ship without radar and direction finder. Therefore the importance of discipline in life just cannot be ignored.

Indian Army is a great example where high degree of discipline can be seen. Discipline in fact is a backbone of Army. Army follows a very strict protocol regularly and consistently. High discipline in a soldier is something which distinguishes him from a common man.

The military is well known for its discipline. Military discipline is the training that enhances self-control, behavior and competence of its soldiers.

Discipline is the basis of the whole universe. It is the attribute which resists our urge to give in to negative behaviours and helps us to focus on all the positive attributes. The discipline being important for every individual for enhancement of his efficiency and competence, needs to be inculcated in him at his early age.

Discipline in our schools has significantly declined and there is a great need for its improvement.Parents and teachers have major role to play in raising young minds in a right environment to instill disciplineand inculcate right values in them. Discipline is essential for our own growth as well as national wealth.There's a need for people to understand the importance of discipline in their social, professional, political, and domestic lives.

Army Discipline and its Attributes:

  1. Respect for each other: In the Indian Army, all have been taught and trained to respect each other irrespective of the ranks and positionsthey hold. Officers respect everyone in their command whether they are at the lowest rank of sepoy or highest rank of a Subedar Major (junior commissioned officer).
  2. Follow orders: Military Discipline is a state of order and obedience existing within a command. In the military self-discipline is where soldiers do the right things without being told, even when the commander is not there. A sense of responsibility and confidence is instilled within an individual if he/she is disciplined.
  3. How to be selfless: The Indian army is an organization that teaches its officers, “The safety, honour, and welfare of his country comes first, always and every time. The honour, welfare, and comfort of the men he commands come next and his own ease, comfort, and safety comes last always and every time.” And they live up to this credo not onlythroughout their military career but even after their retirement as veterans.
  4. To believe in your team and organization: When you believe in something, it becomes easier to give it to your all. The members of the armed forces are characterized by a constant belief in their cause and are united by the love for their country.
  5. The determination to achieve your goals: One thing that truly makes soldiers stand apart is their ability to achieve their goals, even fighting against incredible odds.
  6. To have high standards of professionalism: Soldiers in the Indian army are known for their devotion and dedication towards their duty. If a job has to be done, it has to be done and that too perfect. And to give your 100% no work is too small and nothing is unimportant for them. They also have a belief of their accountability for their own and their followers’ actions.
  7. To have a positive attitude: The men who protect our borders have this flair of being really hard to de-motivate. They tend to see the best in the worst situations. Even when the chips are down, they never leave an opportunity to celebrate.
  8. Self-control: Your discipline is reflected in how patient you can be. when things don’t go the right way, you manage your emotions. Self-control is the key factor to learn how to be tolerant. If somebody wants to improve his self-discipline he must remove all the attractions and interruptions from the environment. It is like if you are trying to have better control over your eating, throw the junk food out.
  9. Show before time:  No one likes a person who is late. As a disciplined soldier, you will be somewhere at least 15 minutes before the actual time is given. And it is the time when you need to remain patient and wait.
  10. Do the little things: A great way to cultivate the habit of being disciplined is to focus on doing the little things you know you should do such as make your bed before you leave the house, keep your environment clean, keep your car clean, take the garbage out and devour after yourself. As you discipline yourself to do the tiny things, you will become more disciplined in doing better, more important things.
  11. The value of discipline in our life: The defense force place a really high value on discipline and the importance of routine. Planning things out and doing them at the appointed time every day not only helps them stay schedule, it actually makes them more efficient at what they are doing.

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Date: 03-12-2023